What to do After DV Lottery 2019 Results?

 eDV 2019  has gone down into the history book as the longest ever registration process. With all rumors surrounding the scrapping of green card lottery, I know the tension an applicant is undergoing, Well, be calm and composed. What’s done is done. Let’s see how to check DV lottery 2019 results and what to do after DV Lottery results.dv lottery 2019 results

DV lottery 2019 Results – Date and Time

Like in the previous years we are expecting the results by the first week of  May. There are chances of getting delayed as the registration was delayed by a month. I hope it won’t happen so. Since the US green card system works on a lottery basis, the result entirely depends on your luck. If you are super lucky, you may get through the first phase and will be called upon for an interview. The DV Lottery interview will be done by US Visa officials in your home country. Well, the DV interview procedures if a topic for another article another day. There are few things to be taken care of after winning the DV lottery. It is extremely important to follow all the necessary steps even after winning the lottery. A small mistake from your side may deny your entry even after winning the lottery.

As of now, We can expect DV Lottery 2019 results by the first week of may. USCIS usually declares US green card lottery results around this time. Meanwhile, you can check and learn how to use entrant status website for checking DV Lottery results.

How to check DV Lottery 2019 Results?

The first phase of the application for DV 2019 has been completed, now we are heading on to the next level. The much-awaited results. We in our earlier post have explained how to access USCIS website. It is advised to have a brief look at it.

Going by the schedule, we can expect Diversity Visa lottery results for the fiscal year 2019 by May 2018. Applicants can access the result through www.dvlottery.state.gov. Here is the step by step process to check entrant visa status 2019.

  • Visit www.dvlottery.state.gov, Once the result gets published there will be seperate page for checking entrant status.
  • Click on “Check Entrant Status”
  • The user will be asked to enter the confirmation number in the space given.
  • In addition to the confirmation number, one have to enter his/her name, date of birth and a captcha for verification process.
  • Once entered, Press submit and wait till a new page is loaded.
  • The newly loaded page will have the result.

Check DV Lottery 2019 Results Without Confirmation Number?

One major question which we get during the results is, How to check dv results without confirmation number. In most cases, the applicant may have forgotten or lost their confirmation number. A confirmation number is nothing but a number provided, when he/she successfully submit the application.

Confirmation number is an important part in the application process, as it is the password for further processes. An applicant can recover his/her confirmation number by clicking on the link . You will have to complete few forms for recovering the number.

Following steps will help you retrieve the number.

  • Choose the year in which you have applied for DV lottery.
  • Fill up the form by entering the name of the primary applicant for DV lottery 2018.
  • You may also need to fill up the date of birth (primary applicant date of birth).
  • Under the email address enter the email address which you have used for completing your DV lottery form.
  • Fill up the captcha and click submit.

Once the results are out, DV Lottery interview practice sessions will start on dvlotterycenter.com. For getting latest updates on DV lottery and other visa programs stay subscribed to us.

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