DV Lottery 2018 Interview – How and When

DV lottery applications for the year 2018 has been closed. Now it is the phase of waiting for the results. Applicants of DVLottery 2018 may be quite confused and worried about the results date and what to do with the results. If you belong to that category, you may find some relief after thoroughly going through the article. Today, In here we will be sharing DV Lottery 2018 interview dates and what to do with the results. As per the records, DV lottery application for the fiscal year 2018 was closed in November. This edition of the diversity visa was shorter than the later version.

Visa interviews for DV lottery 2018 winners will commence from 1st October 2017. All the winners are requested to contact the USCIS office before the interviews. USCIS office will guide you on how to prepare for DV lottery interviews. Offer letters will be sent to the selected winners 4-6 weeks before the interview dates. On the day of the interview, winners must take all the required documents. Non-availability of any important documents would result in the rejection of your application. Visas for edv winners will be issued on first come first served basis, so ensure that you have contacted the USCIS as soon as possible. DV lottery interview dates will be randomly chosen by the department of homeland security, so you make sure you are available at that date. Never reschedule your interview dates as it may result in the rejection of your application.

dv lottery interview questions

From 100,00 DV lottery winners, only 50,000 will be provided with edv visas. So, prepare well for your interviews. Make sure you have done through our list of most important DV lottery interview questions. LPR status changing and DV lottery visa interviews will continue until the official closing date which is September 30, 2018. Now on to visa fees.

DV Lottery Visa Fees

DV lottery visa fees for a regular primary applicant will be $330. The extra amount should be paid for each of your dependents during the visa interview.  eDV visa fees must be paid at US Consular office in your country. Never send your visa fee through bank or any other medias. The fee is nonrefundable, i.e., you won’t get a refund even if you have failed to get through the interviews.

Winners who are already staying in the United States of America are also needed to pay the same amount as DV lottery visa fee.  Let’s now discuss some of the most important DV lottery interview questions.

DV Lottery 2018 Interview Questions – Expected

Get out of the consulate with an approved DV lottery is not a herculean task for any applicant. Well, you need to be prepared and systematic with your preparation for doing so. There are many misunderstandings about US visa interviews. People often believe, they will be questioned like a prisoner for an hour. First and foremost thing to do is, just avoid those beliefs and have a relaxed mindset before attending an interview.

Typical DV lottery interview has three rounds. In the first round, you will be called for paying your green card visa fee of $330. You will also be asked to present details like Birth Certificate and ID proofs. After that, you will be called upon for the actual interview.

Now, you will be standing in front of the VO officer. He/She will cross check all the details you have submitted. If everything is fine, he/she will start the interview procedure with some basic questions. Below given are some of the most basic questions asked on a DV lottery interview.

“Where are you from and what’s your educational qualification?”

“What work do you normally do?”

“Where will you live in the USA?”

“Who will you live within the USA?”

“Why you applied for DV lottery?

“How are you going to finance your stay?”

Always give valid answers to the questions asked by the VO. Never give half answers to his/her questions. Always be friendly with the Visa officer, he/she is not trying to trick you. Provide documentations whenever needed.

I hope you’ll loved reading the article, If you feel sharing your visa interview experience with us, make use of the contact us page. Subscribe us and share your views under the comment section.


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