How does the US DV – Lottery System Work?

Well, well you are here for pursuing American dream? Am I right? Then you have to know how the DV lottery system works. Most of the articles online don’t provide you in-depth knowledge of how the system works. This is a detailed article on how US DV-lottery system works and how you can make use of it.

DV lottery system or Diversity Visa, commonly called as the US green card is a progressive idea by the Department of Homeland Security for attracting skilled foreigners into the United States of America. Every year approximately 55,000 people are selected as US green card holders. In the process of selection, the department of homeland security evaluates every application by educational qualifications, experience, and how adaptable are they to the US culture. Selection procedure takes place annually, every year in the month of October they open up the window for every aspirant.

What is US Diversity Visa or Green Card Lottery ?

US Diversity Visa system introduced in the year 1986. Currently, they are into the 23rd year. Over 11 lac people have entered the United States of America with green card visa.  The diversity visa program is a dual layer program, (i) Online application for DV lottery (ii) visa interview at US consulate/ embassy. You may go through  for checking the eligibility, if you found eligible, you may start filing your electronic DV lottery application which is available on the same website. There are several things to be taken care of while submitting a DV lottery.

E-DV lottery application is a month long application window available on The window is usually opened during early October. The entry must include the vital details of you, and your dependent. Make sure you fills the electronic form with utmost care. A small error may result in the rejection of the application.

DV lottery follows one application one entry system. Once shortlisted, you will be asked to attend an interview at US embassy in your country. Selection is a random draw of applicants. Mostly the application for filing electronic DV forms will be closed by mid-November. Results of DV lottery applications is made available online from May. Applicants can check the results on, winners of DV lottery will be notified through computer generated emails to their respective mail ids.

Once the selection procedure is over, Kentucky Consular Center will work with each selected candidates for scheduling their visa interview for all selectees. Like every other US visa, US DV lottery winners need to undergo a thorough medical check-up and security screening. To receive a visa, the applicant must possess education equivalent to U.S high school education or have two years of full-time working experience. For getting a diversity visa, an applicant must pass all the requirements mentioned by the department of homeland security.

Let’s have a look at the historical summary of DV lottery system. The data is collected from

Are you eligible for Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery?

dv lottery system
You are about to know some of the most important requirements for securing a diversity visa. All these information are collected from different sources across the internet. We request you to go through the official website for getting exact requirements.

Every year DV lottery is made available for six geographical regions, countries with lower immigration in the past five years are promoted by providing a large number of visas. If a country sends more 50,000 immigrants in the previous years, they will be ineligible for US DV program for the next few years. The main idea behind the diversity visa is to diversify the US population. Each year no countries will get more than 3,500 permits. A significant share of slots is filled up by Africans and Europeans. In the past few years, Department of Homeland Security issued a list of ineligible countries due to the potential rise in the number of immigrants. Here is the list of countries which do not qualify for US DV lottery system.

1. List of ineligible Countries for DV – 2018

Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam. The citizens or passport holders of these countries are ineligible for applying DV lottery 2018.

2. Educational and Experience Requirements

Before filling up the electronic form, please go through this article thoroughly. To be eligible for US DV lottery, you must possess 15 years of US equivalent high school education. You will be good to go if you have completed your secondary education in 12 years which amounts to the high education system in the United States.

In addition to the educational qualifications, you must possess a two-year experience in a designated role. You may follow the steps mentioned below for checking the eligibility.

Login to Department of Labor O” Net online database.
Go to find occupations, select family occupations and click on the arrow icon for searching.
Once you have searched, you will get to know the eligible occupations.

There are several jobs mentioned on the DOL website; only certain positions are likely. If you do not possess the educational and work requirements, you should not waste your time and money behind DV lottery.

3. Minimum Age Required

Due to the prerequisite of 15 years of educational qualification equivalent to US secondary school system, a person should / must possess minimum age of 18.

These are some of the basic requirements which should be taken care of while applying for Diversity Visa. I hope you’ll enjoyed reading the article. I believe, i was able to give an indepth idea on how the Diversity Visa system works.  We in here will updating this content frequently with latest updates, so don’t forgot to subscribe us.


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